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Online Mock Test Features

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Build Your Own Test
Choose from single chapter to full syllabus based on your preparation
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Test Analysis Report
Get a detailed analysis; Overall, Subject, Questionwise of time taken, answer changed, solution etc.
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Choose Your Package
Based on the practice you need, you can select the package. You can also upgrade them.
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Graphical Analysis Report
Easy to understand visual report of performance, drill down from section to chapter to topic at various difficulty levels.
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Performance Guidance
Map your teacher, parents or well-wishers to share reports and seek guidance.
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Related Question Paper
The proportionality and difficulty level of questions from each chapters are similar to real exam.
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Trend Report
Monitor your progress across multiple full syllabus tests and decide exam strategy.
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No Repeat Questions
Our Mentors put in efforts to create fresh questions to make your test more exciting.
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Instant Test Result
Instantly get your performance report for your analysis and improvement.
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Real Exam Experience
Our platform is similar to actual platform one would face in the exam condition.

How It Works?

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Mock Tests

About Us

The idea for Zenith was born out of the urge to change the way students currently prepare for the competitive entrance exams. We have many accomplished teachers who are connected with the finest institutes providing best IIT coaching institute in kolkata as well as best JEE tutors in kolkata. The experience of having mentored 1000s of students from all over the city over the last many years, gave us critical insights into the shortcomings of the present system. It brings the best mentor, teacher, advisor, and counsellor to your door for JEE coaching and AIPMT coaching institutes in Kolkata. At Zenith, we have changed how students study for IIT-JEE coaching institute in Kolkata

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